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About us

STMedia group information service is supported by a small team of law professionals and journalists, people who are not indifferent to what is happening in Russia and in the World.

Every day we are faced with a continuous flow of hypocrisy and lies from the leading Russian and foreign media. Materials prepared for publication are ruthlessly circumcised by censorship, controlled by authorities, news publishing houses. Money and authorities dictate the rules of placement and information content of published materials in most Russian media.

Of course, we are aware that under no circumstances will our small and young information resource never compete with the state news aggregators whose sole purpose » is to lay and firmly hold in the minds of ordinary people the necessary opinion necessary for the authorities and the appropriate attitude to certain issues and events of the state, allegedly independently forming in society and for our own money, and the skilful combination of truth and lies constantly spilling out of the rumors of the Kremlin’s propaganda is to survive.

On this lie, usurping the power fragments of the ruling elite of the USSR, for decades nurtured an unhealthy feeling of obscurantist «hurrah-patriotism,» comparable to foolishness and demilitarization, while at the same time, taking away the chances for the future prosperity of not only them and their children, but also the country itself, once again, forcing those few who were «soberly» able to appreciate the current lawlessness, with the already overt, cynical plundering of the entire wealth of the former Soviet empire to flee to emigration. Who could not watch, without disgust, as yesterday’s KGB chekists, Communist party godless people and other Komsomol members, more recently, who professed «scientific atheism», suddenly «changed their skills» right on the fly and rushed to put candles before the icons in the Temples, They remained, by all available means, distracted from the horror in the country, not allowing them to critically reflect on and compare the events and facts that are happening right in front of their eyes.

And if, at first, the Kremlin’s lawless people still had some embarrassment and fear, more fear of course, then today, they have already believed in their own absolute permissiveness and felt themselves «anointed by the B-mi», not realizing that power is not given for what they are doing. Although, if we look into the depths of our country’s history, with centuries of slavery, there was no such thing in any state of the world, where slaves were their fellow citizens. The kings cut beards and cut the heads of the boyars, the landlords replaced whole villages with «souls» for a thoroughbred puppy…

And so comes the thought that on this «G-damned land», for centuries, a breeding experiment to breed the «absolute serf», a slave on a genetic level, no longer able even to think about another life, about freedom … The slave does not need freedom, he does not know what to do with it. The slave needs a master, he needs a scream and a whip, but in return, the slave has the ability to satisfy his «carnal» needs, he knows, the master will feed him, provide him with a rookery and shelter. Not without reason, still in the course of the proverb — «have never lived well, it is not worth starting». Slave psychology, very long and carefully cultivated. And as a result, in our country live not citizens, but there is a population, calculated as livestock, and behaving accordingly. In people’s mentality, it is not how the laws should be «enforced» and what is necessary for this, but on the contrary, how to bypass the laws and regulations and, if possible, hapanut, here and now, and there, if anything happens.

And that’s how it is in everything. A policeman, who is called to protect the law and order, ensuring the safety of citizens, will first of all think how to «without a finger» take off the «money». The official will think how to redirect the budget flow, or at least a stream, into his pocket. Patriziat, in between serving G-d, admonishing parishioners, and reading psalms, will sell drugs (alcohol and cigarettes) in bulk, and then, with a pious look, tell sermons from the «blue screen» … I repeat, and so on everything. That’s it, the country is in shit and it’s like no one notices, everything’s fine… Yes?…

This is the result of a centuries-long breeding experiment over those who have misfortune, or for some other reason, to come to this world on our land, Russia. Slave psychology, laid in the very foundation, in the society of the population in the former Soviet Union.

And the ability to distinguish «grain from tares» is already a whole art in our world, which is constantly affected by modern information technology, «Gebbelevskaya» propaganda, honed to perfection by the Chekists.

And even though our audience coverage is currently low, it is and we work for those who are critical of the picture from TV, ready to hear alternative views and form their own opinion and attitude to the events around them.

We do not, under any circumstances, publish material that does not conform to our internal position based on failure to provide any campaigning or misleading information.

Our information resource does not sell anything, only offers, common sense … However, for its full work and development, constantly need money and you can make your own contribution and support the work of our entire team, constantly working to improve the quality of information materials posted, and only at will, to make a money transfer, to our editorial office of STMedia group, any of the methods presented on the site or using the form below, with the details indicated in it.

If you have any questions related to our activity, as well as if you want to give us any information or news that you consider important or interesting and of public importance, please contact us by the indicated contact details of «STMedia group» editorial office.

Perhaps you also care about what is happening around us, or simply have a need and desire to speak out with a written syllable in the framework of incomparably greater creative freedom than offers the format of modern social networks, filled with hypocritical censorship and focused only on pumping money out of the audience, no more, becoming simply a bunch of consumers of the content of «beauty-bloggers» and similar, and already unsuitable for open broadcasting of «own» unfeigned or not tolerant statements of «personal» opinion or attitude to the surrounding reality.

If you understand what we’re talking about, then join our editorial community, CREATE an ACCOUNT, and speak freely, if you wish, by leaving links to your posts on a familiar social networking community.

Read, comment, and discuss topics of interest to you by the events that accompany us all in our daily lives.

We do not have the apparatus of the Russian «state duma», where «discussions are inappropriate,» as one of the Kremlin’s loudly declared …